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Brett Gray


Born:     August 7, 1996

Birthplace:    Philadelphia, PA

Zodiac Sign:  Leo


Brett Gray is an American actor and singer. He is known for portraying Jamal Turner on the Netflix series On My Block.

He acted in his first school play at age 6, after which he performed in his first professional show at the Academy of Music when he was 7.

After doing a chemistry read for the producers, Gray was offered the role of Jamal on On My Block. It is his first lead acting role. He was drawn to the role because he saw himself in Jamal. He stated in an interview with The Fader that he also hoped to expand his experience with physical comedy, a genre he previously had no experience with. Gray had a minor role in the 2019 Netflix limited series When They See Us.

Gray released his debut single, "Old Thing Back" in June 2018. His EP Easy Daze was released on his birthday on August 7, 2018. He compared the style to Usher's album Confessions.

He aspires to pursue screenwriting and fashion. Source.

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