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Laurieann Gibson

Born:     July 14, 1969
Birthplace:     Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Zodiac Sign:  Cancer

Career and Life

Laurieann Gibson is a Canadian choreographer, director, television personality, singer, actress and dancer. She has choreographed dance numbers for musical artists such as Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. Her music video directing credits include "Judas", "You and I" and "Love to My Cobain".

In 2005, Gibson rose to prominence on the MTV reality series, Making the Band, and later worked as a judge on Little Talent Show, Skating with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. Gibson also had a brief musical career, in which she released two albums.

She rose to public prominence as the star of MTV's Making the Band and P. Diddy and Mark Burnett's Starmaker series. Gibson was also a "Fly Girl" on the popular TV series, In Living Color.

Following her training at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Gibson went from theatre dance to hip hop, becoming director of choreography for Motown Records and Bad Boy Records. She has worked with Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Beyoncé. She has also done choreography for the movies, Alfie and Honey, in which she also appeared as star Jessica Alba's dance nemesis.

In November 2011, Lady Gaga ended her professional relationship with Gibson due to "creative differences".

In 2012, Gibson directed BIGBANG's World Tour.

Gibson was the choreographer for Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Beyond the Lights, training her for 6 months in order to perfect her pop-star persona. Source.

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