Lavado Arne Jr

Born:     August 29, 2001
Birthplace:    Fort Lauderdale, FL
Zodiac Sign:  Virgo

Career and Life

Lavado Arne Jr is a dancer who rose to fame after his dance videos went viral on his Instagram account, lavaado. He amassed over 310,000 followers on the platform. He is the creator of the Switch It Up Challenge. He also appeared in a commercial for Footlocker.

He began playing basketball at the age of nine and would begin posting dance videos to Instagram under the account name iamlavado in July 2016.

He can also be found on YouTube as La Vaado, where he's popular for videos such as his "Walmart Yodeling Boy Remix Dance Video," among others. 

Born to Lavado and Monica Arne in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; he would later settle in Atlanta, Georgia.

Like Zach Jelks, he is a dancer who has gained fame on Instagram.