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Lil Zane

Born:     July 11, 1982
Birthplace:       Yonkers, NY
Zodiac Sign:  Cancer

Zane R. Copeland Jr. aka Lil Zane, is an American rapper known for his debut album Young World: The Future, released in 2000, which featured the hit single Callin' Me featuring 112.

In 2007, Zane attended St Andrews University.

In 2012, Zane was injured in an early morning collision, leaving 2 of his crew members including security personnel in the ICU with internal bleeding. He was leaving a charity event in Tampa where he had performed. The power steering of the vehicle failed causing it to be stalled parallel to a busy highway where it was struck by a speeding SUV. 

Zane was stars in 50 Cent's Black Mafia Family (BMF). BMF is an upcoming American drama television series, which follows the Black Mafia Family, a drug and money laundering organization. It is set to premiere on Starz in 2021.

Zane also star's in the movie Gutta with Daniel Baldwin. The film is set to be released in 2021 or 2022. 

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