Born:     July 29, 1982
Birthplace:    MN 
Zodiac Sign:  Leo

Career and Life

Lovelyti is a YouTube video blogger who vlogs about everything from reality TV to pop culture to race relations in America. Her posts are humorous, informative, honest, and thought provoking.

She worked in corporate America for several years before deciding to go to school for I/T in order to get a better paying job and become self sufficient. Shortly afterwards, she began uploading YouTube videos. She has been battling a chronic childhood illness that she never uses as an excuse for own success in life.

She was a Red Cross volunteer who would respond to families affected by house fires. She also interviews event attendees at events like United in Peace and Grand Park's Dia De Los Muertos on her channel LovelytiTV. 

Lovelyti was featured on several national news shows, including The Today Show, hosted by Meredith Viera, HNL News with Dr. Drew, Good Morning America, and Fox Twin Cities The Buzz Show. 

She has two sons from a prior marriage.