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Born:     July 19, 1980
Birthplace:    Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Zodiac Sign:  Cancer

Jesse James Enoch aka Lyrikal, is a Nigerian rapper, record producer and song-writer. He started his professional music career in 2003 with Port Harcourt city based record label Tuck Tyght and released his first official single 'Learn Something'. His second single 'Can U Relate' showed his boldness and ability to address sensitive topics like Socio-political issues in Nigeria. Lyrikal has since become a voice for the gifted and the oppressed.

In January 2014, Lyrikal embarked on a campaign to inspire young Nigerians towards a more proactive engagement with both their personal development and national development. On 16 January 2014 he released a photo series of himself online behind prison bars. Each photograph was captioned with thought provoking quotes from Lyrikal himself, Nelson Mandela, William Glasser, Henri Matisse and a few others. The photos were featured on different blogs across the African continent and stimulated conversations relating to social participation in national development and the general creativity behind the photo campaign. Inside the press release, Lyrikal explained; "Hip Hop is a form of self-expression that tries to challenge or merely evoke the mood of the circumstances of an environment. The bars are a metaphorical play on the musical jargon; where they represent a point in a verse which contains the punchline for a rap – this is why we used sixteen photos. But most importantly, the bars represent the physical oppression, mental captivity and creative limitations facing the Nigerian youth today." Source.

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