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Parker McKenna Posey



Born:     August 18, 1995

Birthplace:    Los Angeles, CA  

Zodiac Sign:  Leo

Parker McKenna Posey is an actress, designer, philanthropist, and curator. After 17 years in the entertainment industry, it is safe to say this young woman is more than what meets the eye. Parker originates from humble beginnings in Los Angeles, CA where she started developing her acting skills at the tender age of four. In her words, Constantly honing in on her craft, she has developed a skill-set that doesn't just put her in front of the camera, but behind the scenes as well.

Posey is most known for her role as Kady Melissa Jenny Spilken Kyle  – the younger daughter and youngest overall of the Kyle children, Kady is the precocious one, commonly referred to as "the cute one" on the show My Wife and Kids. In season one's "Making the Grade", Kady is shown to be able to speak multiple languages as the then 5-year-old sings Itsy Bitsy Spider in Spanish and Swahili as well as English. At times, Kady aspired to be like Claire, doing all sorts of things like wanting to spend time with her at the mall. Although portrayed as sweet and polite, she can also be quite cunning and mischievous (like spitting in Junior's drink when he is being rude to her or letting Claire be falsely accused of stealing nail polish from a department store when Kady was the one who took it.) In season three, Kady tries to hang on to her status as the baby of the family by acting younger than her age, until Michael and Jay explain to her in the episode "Blackout" that it is actually more irritating than cute. That same season, she begins "dating" child prodigy Franklin Mumford. In the earlier seasons, Kady's doll Little Pippy made minor appearances in several episodes. Source.

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