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Born:  August 29, 1964

Birthplace:   Oakland, CA

Zodiac Sign:  Virgo




Perri Arlette Reid aka Pebbles is an American singer-songwriter, businesswoman, record producer and music executive. Reid is perhaps best known for her hit songs during the late 1980s and early 1990s such as "Girlfriend" (1987), "Mercedes Boy" (1988) and "Giving You the Benefit" (1990). In addition to a recording career, Reid created the contemporary R&B group TLC. Reid is currently an Atlanta-based minister, known as "Sister Perri".

Reid is one of four siblings to two mixed African-American parents. Reid's parents divorced when she was around six years old. Her mother raised Reid and her siblings on the income of a waitress and housekeeper. Reid got her start at age sixteen in 1981 as a backing vocalist for the percussionist/band leader Bill Summers and the funk band Con Funk Shun. Reid co-wrote one of Con Funk Shun's singles, "Body Lovers". At age nineteen, a local musician gave Reid a production deal which fell through several months later when she became pregnant with her daughter. While working at an Oakland, California, real estate office she met contractor George L. Smith. Smith bankrolled Pebbles with $80,000 for a demo tape and video for "Mercedes Boy". The demo and video led to a contract with MCA. She recorded several hit singles on her own during the late 1980s and early 1990s, including "Girlfriend", "Mercedes Boy", "Giving You the Benefit", and "Love Makes Things Happen". Reid's cousin is R&B singer Cherrelle who was featured, along with Johnny Gill, on her 1991 hit song, "Always".

In July 1989, Pebbles formed the Atlanta-based production company Pebbitone and founded her own record label, Savvy Records. Pebbitone managed TLC, which was signed with LaFace Records, L.A. Reid's record label. When TLC filed for bankruptcy in 1995, due to Pebbles' alleged mismanagement regarding their funds, the ensuing conflict damaged Pebbles' marriage. She divorced Reid, and Pebbitone sued LaFace for $10 million.

In 1997, Pebbles underwent a religious conversion. Under her new stage name "Sister Perri", she founded Women of God Changing Lives (WOGCL) Ministries. As an ordained minister, she now preaches and ministers through song. In 2008, after a thirteen-year music hiatus, Reid released her fourth album and debut gospel album, Prophetic Flows Vol I & II, which peaked at #12 on the Billboard Gospel Album Chart. In February 2011, she was named the executive producer/host of Essence's national R&B search.

Pebbles has been married five times and has two children. Pebbles gave birth to a daughter, Ashley Victoria Winzer, in January 1983. Her first marriage was to her daughter's father from 1983 until 1984. Her second marriage was to Oakland contractor George L. Smith from 1985 until 1987. The relationship began as an affair when Smith's wife of twenty years Darlene was battling cancer. After his wife's passing, 19-year-old Pebbles married 41-year-old Smith, and they made their home in San Francisco. Smith had a daughter, Jennifer (b. 1972) from his previous marriage. While married, Pebbles began having an affair with L.A. Reid, which led to her divorce from Smith. In July 1989, Pebbles married Reid. They had one son named Aaron, born in 1991. Reid and Pebbles later divorced in 1996. In 2000, Pebbles married former MLB player Otis Nixon. They divorced in 2004. Pebbles married her fifth husband Excel Sharieff in 2010, an administrative law judge.


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