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Poo Bear

Born:  September 4, 1978

Birthplace:   CT

Zodiac Sign:  Virgo

Career and Life

Jason Boyd aka Poo Bear, is an American record producer, vocal producer, singer and songwriter. He is best known for being one of Justin Bieber's main collaborators, having co-written many of Bieber's hits (including "Where Are Ü Now", "What Do You Mean?", "PYD", "Hold Tight" and "All That Matters"), and for co-writing the song "Caught Up" from Usher's Diamond-certified album Confessions.

After his success with 112, in the early 2000s Boyd worked with artists Blu Cantrell and Jill Scott. In 2004, Usher's album Confessions was released, containing the single Caught Up, which Boyd co-wrote with Ryan Toby and producers Dre & Vidal. The album was certified Diamond by the RIAA, selling over 10 million copies in the US, and is largely considered as one of the best albums of the decade. "Caught Up" was the fifth single released from the album, peaking at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

For the rest of the 2000s, Boyd continued to work with many popular R&B and hip hop artists, including Big Boi, Ameriie, Ludacris, and Chris Brown.

While in Las Vegas in January 2013, Boyd was introduced to Justin Bieber through rapper Lil Twist and other friends of Bieber's. The two bonded over similar upbringings and tastes in music, and traveled the world together while working on music for Bieber's album. During this time, Boyd eschewed working with other artists, devoting his time exclusively to Bieber. He co-wrote the majority of the songs on Bieber's albums Journals and Purpose, including "No Pressure" (where he is also credited as producer), "PYD", "All That Matters", and the double-platinum selling singles "Where Are Ü Now" (No. 8 Billboard Hot 100) and "What Do You Mean?" (No. 1 Billboard Hot 100). On April 27, 2018, Boyd released his debut studio album Poo Bear Presents Bearthday Music via Capitol Records


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